Pandem is one of the eight districts of East Vivestein. Bordered by the Blackmound, Parrymane and Sandat districts, the Kaplost wall and the river Humming, Pandem acts as a hub of most activity in the eastern half of Vivestein. Historically, it's been a gateway for immigrants to enter the city via cheap housing and lax border security. Successive waves of different ethnicities over the centuries have afforded the district, and the city at large, a diverse array of cultures and practises that over time has evolved to become an amalgam of the greater region's cultures.

Pandem was one of the original nine districts that made up Vivestein. By 257 AB, the Pandem district covered what is now defined as modern Pandem, Blackmound and parts of Sandat. Politically, the district had no power and was legally forbidden to have a representative in senate. The re-organisation of Vivestein under Torin V officially sanctioned local custom at the time - that Pandem was in effect a 'dumping ground' for criminals, undesirables and the poor. There has never been an electoral representative for the district and uptil the Third Rising War, Pandem has always been regarded as mere a periphery to Vivestein's economy.

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