Vivestein is one of the oldest city-states in Moneotha. Its origins hail to the ancient Fayrham Dynasties who established the city as a regional capital. When the last Fayrham King, King Rune II, was dethroned by Eliad of Tharis, the latter made Vivestein his new capital proper thus recalibrating trade, religious, political and intellectual activty across the region with Vivestein as its focus. Since then, many other empires have risen and fallen with Vivestein acting as witness to them all.

This timeline will use the most commonly-used calendar (universal in the city) which places the crowning of Torin I as its year zero.

5,000 AT (Afore Torin) - The town of Fehaf is founded by the Fayrham Prince Paha.

143 AT - Jared IV of Indigo is killed in the Battle of Vivestein by Oxly III of Rahoshdone.

38 AT - Prince Artahazem of the Second River Principality in the Kingdom of Osin is born.

18 AT - Artahazem, under his father's banner, begins his campaign to conquer the upper and lower principalities, building a kingdom strong enough to conquer the First River Principality.

10 AT - Artahazem of Osin is now hailed as Torin of Osin.

1 LT (Luxom Torin) - Torin of Osin conquers Vivestein, defeating Yusup of Rahashdone in The Great Battle of Vivestein.

29 LT - Torin of Osin dies and is succeeded by his second son, Torin II.

35 LT - Torin II is killed by his nephew, Torin III who succeeds him.

46 LT - Torin III dies. His first son, Yehuva, succeeds him

48 LT - Yehuva is assassinated. He is killed in public by Rahashi dissidents. Tarina, the daughter and only child of Torin III, finds herself crowned queen of a kingdom with one of its regional capitals in civil war. Spending months uniting members of her family under her cause, she launches a three-year campaign in re-establishing Torin rule in Vivestein.

51 LT - The Vivestein Civil War ends, with over eighty thousand dead. Tarina establishes Vivestein as her kingdom's capital proper and takes the title of Torin IV.

82 LT - Torin IV dies. Her reign comes to be known as the Golden Age of Vivestein under Torin rule (with all its ups and downs). She is succeeded by her eldest daughter, Iruka.

84 LT. Iruka dies of illness. She is succeeded by her husband, Jehoven of Alhard.

90 LT - Faced with the threat of war with with Vulcone, Jehoven declares a war-time dictatorship.

100 LT - The Vulcana War is over and Jehoven retains his position as a dictator. Riots go on for three days in the city of Vivestein. By day three, the army has quelled all dissidents, making it clear the adoption of martial law.

103 LT - Jehoven is assassinated by Osin Orassus.

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